Nutrition in Elementary Schools


Every year the EMSB Read What You Eat program (also offered in French: Je lis ce que je mange) teaches students basic food label reading techniques to help develop the importance of mindful eating.

There are three different Read What You Eat activities which tailored to the three cycle levels and focus on different foods. All activities are hands on and interactive – educational and exciting!

For cycle 1 students 
Read What You Eat 1: Juice activity

For cycle 2 students
Read What You Eat
2: Breakfast Cereal Activity

For cycle 3 students
Read What You Eat 3: Snack Activity

Fishing for Food

For some of our youngest students (Kindergarten), we offer an introductory activity on Canada’s Food Guide. The Fishing for Food activity (also offered in French: Le jeu de pêche) introduces the four food groups using visual aids and helps develop fine motor skills as students “fish” for healthy foods.


Since 2010, culinary workshops have been a Nutrition Month (March) highlight in our EMSB elementary schools. They support the “Healthy School” approach initiated by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), by exposing students to the world of cooking and food preparation. This experience encourages healthy eating habits and provides a whole new and exciting realm for nutrition education.

Over 200 culinary workshops have taken place in our schools!