In-School Programs

EMSB dietitians are here to help students Eat Right, Feel Bright!

The dietitians travel from school to school visiting classrooms and cafeterias to talk to students about eating nutritious foods and being healthy. The EMSB in-class programs aim to teach students how to make healthy food choices and instill the values of eating nutritious foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutrition in Elementary Schools

Nutrition in High Schools

EMSB Nutrition Month Campaign

March is Nutrition Month all across Canada and in celebrating this, Nutrition and Food Services has prepared an array of nutrition activities. The campaign aims to promote healthy eating habits on a daily basis by promoting nutrition awareness and increasing nutrition knowledge.

In elementary schools, celebrate Nutrition Month 2017 by taking the March to Health and completing fun and educational challenges related different nutritional themes. If you participate, your class can accumulate points with each activity completed and can even win a Culinary Workshop!

Furthermore, in-class activities which give students the tools to read and better understand nutrition labels are available all year-long in elementary schools as part of the “Read What You Eat” series. Animated by an EMSB dietitian, these activities are building blocks for our kindergarten to grade 6 students to increase nutrition knowledge and help them make healthy food choices.

For more information about “Read What You Eat” activities and Nutrition Month 2017, please contact Emily Rose Hamilton-Leavitt at 514-483-7200 ext. 7368 or at

In high schools, the nutrition program entitled “EAT RIGHT FEEL BRIGHT” will take place in the form of in-class sessions geared towards secondary one and two students in Physical Education and Health classes. The aim is to encourage healthy lifestyles through good nutrition and physical activity and to sensitize students to the social influences on their perception of health and well-being.

In high schools, the EMSB 2017 Nutrition Month Campaign is March to Health - Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself to Become a Healthier? To celebrate this event, High School Teachers along with their students are invited to participate in educational activities and challenges to give students the knowledge and tools to make healthier food and beverage choices.

For more information about “Eat Right – Feel Bright” activities and Nutrition Month 2017 in high schools, please contact Giuliana Di Quinzio at 514-483-7200 ext. 7287 or at