Food Services

Let your taste buds come alive at the E.M.S.B. Cafeteria!

EMSB Cafeterias take pride in serving nutritious foods and balanced meals that will help keep students energized throughout the day. All meals are prepared and served by our courteous staff of over 50 trained food service employees in our 18 cafeterias. These meals are made using high quality ingredients and promote healthy eating by following Health Canada’s Eat Well Plate from Canada’s Food Guide. We aim to be an example for healthy meals to our students.

Our multicultural menu offers our students a great variety of healthy meals at subsidized prices that are pleasing to the senses!

Download your copy of the 2019-2020 Cafeteria Menu & Price List.

EMSB Cafeteria Meal Cards are available in all High School Cafeterias. Click here for more info.

Come and enjoy a variety of delicious food at your EMSB Cafeteria – We look forward to serving you always!

Although all due care is taken in the preparation of our meals, they may contain (traces of) food allergens (peanuts, nuts, seeds, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, etc..)




Le Mini Bistro

EMSB Catering Service

  • Does your child’s elementary school have a cafeteria?
  • No time to pack a healthy lunchbox your child will eat?

Busy parents with no time for making lunches in Elementary Schools without cafeterias may also benefit from Cafeteria Services by using Le Mini Bistro!

Let our team of dietitians and food experts from Le Mini Bistro offer nutritionally balanced meals directly to your child! Affordable and appetizing – your child’s taste buds will be deliciously satisfied!

Please view Le Mini Bistro School Lunch Catering Service brochure for more information.
2019-2020 Le Mini Bistro flyer.

Visit Le Mini Bistro website to place your order online at